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My professional journey, commencing in 2012 as an event manager for numerous events in the city, to joining hands with a Student Loyalty Program Start-up, and subsequently as Product Manager, has entailed a steep learning curve. I have inculcated skills encompassing techno-managerial proficiencies, product-management skills, marketing frameworks, negotiation acuity, people and client relationship management acumen, and leading cross-border teams in four continents for 100+ clients.

Transitions & transformations are the need of the hour. With my MBA from HEC Montreal, with a decade of experience in the IT Industry combined with international work experience in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, I have been learning the art of inculcating values to respect and absorb diversity in expectations & expressions. With my active engagement in CSR, giving back to nature & culture has always been an attraction for me on professional and personal scopes.

Over these years, I have been assisting and mentoring individuals in solving their product problems, public speaking, & professional grooming. If you are looking for guidance with business scenarios like marketing & product strategy, or with personal development like interviews, group discussions, or professional conversations, I will help you in acing these opportunities.

“The more you learn, the more you know, how less you know”

– Harshit Srivastava


MBA – HEC Montreal, Class of 2021

# Vice President Academic Affairs AEMBA

# Marketing Consultant for 3 clients including Anima-AI, Laurentian Bank, & Arcade 1UP

B.Tech – Computer Science, 2011-2015

# Top 1% Student Award

# Head – College Cultural Committee


Autodesk Inc.Product Manager

Autodesk Inc.Business Strategy

Laurentian BankConsultant

Arcade1UpMarketing Consultant

Anima-AI GTM Consultant

LG Soft IndiaProduct Manager

LG Soft IndiaTeam Lead

LG Soft IndiaSoftware Engineer

USP Pvt. Ltd. – Team Member


Currently, I am heading the Web Experience projects as a Product Manager at Autodesk.

Leading my team to National Finals in 2010 at National Children Science Congress under the guidance of Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi, was my noticeable leadership experience in the early stages of my life which helped me lead a team of 50 volunteers during multiple USP events in Dehradun, India from 2013 to 2017.

Led the VoWIFI IMS team of 7 members at LG Soft India from 2017 – 2020. Led the LG CSR team in 2016 for UNESCO heritage site restoration. Led the Imaginer Consulting team for Laurentian Bank’s consulting mandate in 2021.

Role & Responsibilities

Centric on Product Strategy & Marketing, I have worked on Product management, Requirement Implementation and Development, Rn’D and Market Analysis, Organizing Innovation Meetups, Mission-critical mandates, Stakeholder Training & Presentations & Team Building, and Intra-team competitions conduction are among the roles and responsibilities that I have undertaken during my professional journey in my past years.

Mentoring & guiding public speaking enthusiasts for career progressions.

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